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curated by Dr. Isabella Goebel

modern06 showed three special projects – munich@modern, NEON, DAIM@Residence.
munich@modern inteded art works that were shown for the first time at modern06. Some of them were specially made for modern06. Such art works were from: Christian Engelmann, Tom Früchtl, Elke Härtel, Wilfried Hösl, Alexander Laner, Julia Mangold, Michael Sailsdorfer, Michael Schrattenthaler, Thomas Weinberger.
The project NEON was the centrepiece of Gallery Niklas von Bartha’s installation at modern06. These were four seminal neon works by François Morellet. In this constellation the pieces were shown for the first time.
One could argue that Morellet is by far the most accomplished artist when it comes to the use of neon as an artistic medium.
DAIM@Residence was an art project of the artist Mirko Reisser which he realized directly inside of the exhibition-space of modern06.

dates and facts
26. – 30. September 2006
Residenz Munich
Residenzstraße 1,
80333 Munich